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The Party’s Over So Please Leave Already

05 Jan

Ever been plagued by guests who won’t leave? So annoying. The party ended at 2 am and it’s 3:15 am and they’re just hanging around like they’re waiting for daybreak and you want to get to bed. Not necessarily guests from hell – you know the ones who just seem to do everything to rub you the wrong way and get on your last nerve – but the ones who are nice enough or even downright sweet or charming. People who you probably like but they just won’t leave. What do you do? My friend Sean the joker says when it’s past 2 am and you feel nauseous from being overtired and can’t stop yawning; some man is babbling on about his accomplishments, and his woman hasn’t the guts to tell him it’s time to go home, stand up, stretch, yawn, tell your spouse to make coffee for the morning while you put out the cat and then go put on your pajamas while she puts on her nightie. If they still won’t take a hint, turn out the lights. Read the rest of this entry »