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Hot Jamaica Beaches: Miles of Soft Sand to Sink your Toes In!

25 Nov

By: Shelly Anglin Smith

When the average foreigner thinks about Jamaica, one of the first things that person will think about are our beaches. With 200 miles of beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters, Jamaica has a lot to boast. Trust me on this one, because I’ve been to beaches elsewhere in the world and the murky waters left me sitting on my multicoloured “Jamaica” beach towel on the dark, gritty sand, too scared to even stick my big toe in the water for fear of what might be lurking in there totally hidden from view. I didn’t want to pull out my foot and find myself minus a toe, thank you very much. And not even my sunglasses could dim the scene enough for me to join the locals who splash about in such water as if it were gold. Jamaican beaches are not only amongst the best in the world, but also within the Caribbean, and the envy of many. Unfortunately, we don’t appreciate what we have. But though all unique and lovely, each with a character all its own, some beaches stand head and shoulders above others, and will definitely have you yearning to return. Curious as to where to find these? Mmmmm… well, now that I’ve whetted your appetite, ladies, haul out the bikinis; gentlemen, you don you surfing shorts or speedos – whatever meets your fancy – pack the beach bag, and let’s embark on a journey around the island. Destination: hot beaches. Read the rest of this entry »