Shelly Anglin Smith


i, my name is Shelly Anglin Smith.

I am a freelance writer and professional in the field of communications in which I have worked for many years. Writing is for me not just functional, but also a way of self-expression… a way of creating beautiful works of art in black and white. From Kingston, Jamaica I look out on the world and for my readers, bring elements of it to life at my keyboard.

Facts About Me

  • I don’t believe in myopia when it comes to life events. One should have a solid world perspective on all issues.
  • I really love to read, and read widely. I enjoy a good ‘whodunit’ fictional novel. Agatha Christie is a favourite.
  • ‘Persons’ should never stop learning new things’ is one of my mottos. Even after earning a first degree from the University of the West Indies, I never stopped acquiring knowledge, and am still doing it to this day.
  • Creating beauty is high on the list of things that I really enjoy doing. For me, an event well-planned and executed, where the décor is on point and everything is well staged is beautiful art in action.
  • I love fashion (and hence fashion magazines), and I love interior home decorating. I am not a professional decorator but I do like to putter around.

Skills Set

Writer; Events Organiser; Radio Producer and Reporter; Public Relations professional

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